Bosch EPS815

The EPS 815 test bench caters to common-rail diesel pumps and injectors. The innovative design of the testing workstation enables our diesel experts to assess advanced components of the latest generations from both Bosch and other manufacturers. This is made possible through the expandable capabilities of the EPS 815, incorporating features like MGT/KMA, VPM 844/CRS 845/CRI 846/CAM 847, CP 1/2/3/CRIN, and external systems.

Adherence to automobile makers’ specifications and mandatory emission standards is maintained. Additionally, the continual enhancements to optional accessories ensure the testing of forthcoming diesel injection components.

Emphasis on environmental friendliness and user convenience is achieved by reducing oil gas and oil mist emissions. Exceptional precision in operation and stable speeds contribute to high reproducibility, particularly during the injection process. These attributes are made possible by a direct drive mechanism, a substantial flywheel mass, swift rotational-speed control, and precise position control.

The drive element, which is maintenance-free and highly efficient, further contributes to these advantages. When adjusting the measuring device’s height, a weight counterbalance eases the process, enhancing workflow efficiency.

Operating in conjunction with KMA 802/822, the fully automatic test sequence stands out for its user-friendly nature. The majority of this testbench’s operations are seamlessly computer-controlled.

With KMA 802/822, the pump undergoes a comprehensive test cycle after being serviced and mounted on the testbench. The operator simply inputs the pump assembly number into the computer, and the EPS 815 handles the rest. Operating autonomously, it conducts all essential tests on the pump and adjusts fuel levels as required. Should any test failure occur during the cycle, the testbench halts and instructs the operator to take specific corrective measures before proceeding with calibration.