Bosch EPS 515A and Bosch EPS 500

The Bosch EPS 515A and EFEP 500 test benches are used for our conventional diesel pump testing.

Both benches use measuring glass technology, these test benches allow for meticulous observation of fuel pump behavior during operation. An electronically controlled stroke counter enhances precision in measurement, facilitating comprehensive analysis of pump strokes.

The analog and digital gauges provide real-time information on essential parameters such as rotational speed, stroke rate, and test oil temperature.

In conclusion, the Bosch EPS 515A and EFEP 500 test benches are true workhorses when it comes to fuel pump testing. With features like measuring glass technology, electronically controlled stroke counting, automatic test oil heating, and a user-friendly LCD display, these test benches streamline the process of evaluating fuel pump performance, making them indispensable tools in our workshop.