Hartridge Sabre Expert

The Sabre CRi Expert represents a significant step forward in the realm of diesel common rail injector testing. Building upon the successful foundation of the Sabre CRi Master platform.

One standout characteristic of the Sabre CRi Expert is its unique components that set it apart from other testing equipment. These components contribute to its award-winning compact design, providing a fresh take on common rail injector testing.

Among the salient features of the Sabre CRi Expert are its exceptional pressure capabilities, boasting levels of up to 2700 bar. This high-pressure capacity makes it the go-to choice for testing newer generation common rail injectors, particularly those used in heavy-duty applications. The Expert model’s ability to accommodate high flow output aligns with the demands of such heavy-duty testing scenarios.

A patented Closed-Loop power management system is also a highlight of the Expert model. This technology optimizes power consumption and contributes to the overall efficiency of the testing process. Additionally, advanced temperature monitoring ensures accurate and reliable testing results, even in varying operating conditions.

The inclusion of a comprehensive test plan database further simplifies the testing process. This database serves as a valuable resource, assisting our technicians by offering predefined test plans that can be readily employed, saving time and effort.