Hartridge Cri-PC

The CRi-PC Test Stand provided by Hartridge provides us with a versatile solution for Common Rail injector testing. It offers a cost-effective and adaptable platform that is both easy to set up and use.

Key features of the CRi-PC Test Stand include being controlled through Magmah software with a user-friendly interface, supporting both manual and automatic operation modes, enabling the creation, editing, and saving of test plans for future use, facilitating the viewing and printing of saved test plans, incorporating semi-automatic injector clamping for enhanced usability, featuring an interlocked safety door and clear polycarbonate protective shield, measuring injector delivery, coil resistance, and response time, and offering the option to measure backleak flow and temperature.

The CRi-PC allows us to perform Delphi authorized repairs and re-coding of their common rail injectors through use of the iris software.

In essence, the CRi-PC Test Stand is a robust solution catering to Common Rail injector testing needs. Its integration of advanced features, user-friendly controls, and compatibility with a diverse array of injector types positions it as an invaluable asset in our workshop.